Utility Meter Verification (UMV)

We offer comprehensive verification testing for ‘new’ water meters to the National Instrument Test Procedure for Utility Meters (NITP 14) governed by the National Measurement Institute (NMI). The requirement for testing as per NITP14 is mandatory for water meters intended for trade and billing for use by Australian water utilities. PROVE offer certificates to both Section 8 and Section 9 testing of NITP 14 required to meet regulatory obligations.

In-Service Compliance (ISC) testing

Our laboratory offers water utilities In-Service Compliance (ISC) required to either meet state regulations and for batch testing programs used for analysing the impact of non-revenue water. Testing for ISC is performed to the flow rate and accuracy requirements of AS3565.4 and WSA11-2012.

The data captured from ISC programs, provides our clients with a snapshot on how their fleet of water meters are performing. Empowered with this information water utilities are able to make calculated and constructive decisions on where to focus the capital expenditure on geographical zones or batches of water meters that are representing the worst offenders of non-revenue water. In line with our Corporate Sustainability strategy, we also offer eco-friendly recycling services which can be tailored to suit your company’s environmental policies.

Calibration testing

Routine calibration is vital to maintaining your instruments validity, integrity, and traceability of performance accuracy. Our NATA accredited laboratory provides flow rate calibration services for a vast range of liquid flow meters from 4L/h to 100L/s. Our laboratory can cater for all types of requests and ensure the calibration will be fit for purpose and can be customised to suit your specific application. This may include nominating flow rate test points that reflect typical flow rate ranges of your flow meter to also experimenting with the effects of upstream and downstream pipework lengths. Our automated systems allowing for some of the most accurate and efficient turnaround times in the industry providing confidence and reliability to the calibration of your flow meter.

Dispute testing

When a customer challenges the accuracy of their water consumption this can often be a very stressful time for both the customer and water authority. Our laboratory understands the criticality and care required to maintain traceability, testing and reporting that can be used to help resolve a disputed water bill. In addition to the testing of a disputed water meter, the final test report includes a full mechanical inspection. The mechanical inspection is performed by one of our technicians to determine if there are any signs of damage, excessive wear or any other irregularities that may affect the performance accuracy of the water meter. In the rare instances, where the resolution of the disputed water consumption can not be resolved, our team is able to legally represent our testing results.