PROVE Water Meter Testing Laboratory is a NATA endorsed independent laboratory which offers comprehensive testing of water meters ranging in size from 15 mm up to 50 mm and for flow rates ranging from 4 L/h to 30 kL/h.

We offer high quality, accurate water meter testing to Australian Standard 3565.4 and National Measurement Institute National Instrument Test Procedure (NITP 14).

Our laboratory prides itself on results you can rely on; this is evident in the quality and presentation of our test reports. Our team of highly skilled and trained engineers and scientists can cater to all your testing requirements needed to meet Australian Standards.

Automated systems allow for some of the most efficient turnaround times in the industry, including simultaneous testing, and multiple test volumes ranging from 10L up to 1000L to help keep test times down


A Better Way - PROVE Water Meter Testing

PROVE is an independent NATA endorsed water meter testing laboratory that utilises state of the art equipment backed by professional engineers and scientists.