Our Solar Environmental facilities situated in Northern Victoria contain some of the most favourable outdoor solar testing conditions in Australia.

The use of the remote facilities for both indoor and outdoor testing results in lower overhead and operating costs, the avoidance of turbidity or smog and cloud cover issues, results in some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our Melbourne Office in Campbellfield is conveniently available for sample drop-off, collection and minor design modifications.

The PROVE Solar Environmental testing facilities are some of the newest in Australia. Our Solar Environmental Facilities have been designed from the ground up and utilising new technology. The design considering an extensive array of available resources including journals and technical papers by an array of technical experts. It is this attention to detail that has resulted in PROVE becoming a functional, reliable, repeatable and a cost effective solution testing solution.


State of the art testing solutions

PROVE offers a first rate testing service that is backed with highly qualified Solar testing Engineers. Our facility and equipment is state of the art, restoring confidence in Australian testing services.